Wednesday, April 04, 2012

8 Weeks

A quick little update as I approach the 8 week mark of no running.  I'm still not better.

Ah well.

I keep hoping I'll wake up one day and be all healed.  But alas, nope.  Doesn't appear that is going to happen.

On the positive side, my foot is getting better.  Just not fast enough.  But now it hurts more in the ankle so I suppose I really need to get back to the doc to figure out why.

Also, I've finally embraced spin.  Don't love it but am finally getting the hang of it enough that I was even able to go into that zone out place that I can go while running.  That was lovely.  The Saturday instructor is my favorite -- she can pull together a great work out.

The new job is going well -- but I'm still recovering from the old one.  Don't mean to be dramatic and honestly I had no idea how much of a toll the old job had taken on me but boy had it.  Yikes.  This new one is still a bit stressful -- but only because I'm new.  The place is so much better -- so once I get over being new, I anticipate it will be very good.  They also have a group run scheduled on April 17th -- now how cool is that?  Surely I'll be able to pull off 3 miles in two weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I'm not even going to Eugene -- no sense in it at this point.  I can't imagine even running a half in 3 weeks since I'm not running now.  They unfortunately don't defer entries so I'm out the fee as well as my airline ticket.  Goodness.

Anyway, that's it -- must get back to work.


Terzah said...

Your new workplace sounds great. I'm so glad you are "outta there" on the old one. At least the "new job stress" is good stress.

I'm so sorry, meanwhile, about Eugene. It just sucks, I know. I'm DNSing my half on April 15 and sad about it, but I'm going to have someone else pick up my packet so I can get the goodies I paid for and I'm going to make the best of it by going to visit my baby niece. I don't plan to read ANY blogs about Boston that weekend either. I'm just not that selfless.

All this is just to say...I know how you feel. I'm glad the spin clases are doing it for you for now. You WILL run again!

Kathy said...

:( Slow and steady as they say ...

A shame about your entry fee and plane ticket - can you switch it for a long weekend somewhere else for fun?

Glad all is well with the new job!

Caroline said...

great news for the new job...!

for that sucks, I think races should allow people who get injured to differ/

Raina said...

You new job has group runs!? That is so cool! I would like a group run!

So sorry about the race not letting you defer. That's the pits. Is it possible to transfer your airline tickets to another destination?
I will miss meeting you :(

Paul said...

The new job sounds great! THe old one..yikes!..messing with your head big-time.

I'm glad you are gradually getting into spinning..I think we all need to branch out from running so we can not go completely bonkers when we can't do it. Plus its actually good for you 8)

Sucks that you have to eat the airfare etc for Eugene. A nice local marathon that is flat-ish might be better for your next shot. Perhaps Silicon Valley Marathon? (fall) or Napa (spring)? Any thoughts?

Another thought I had is that perhaps you need a bit more cushioning...I had to go to the brooks launches and they really helped me....I am not running in my beloved frees much at all now.

Debugging what works and what doesn't is part of the fun of being the best you can be 8)

Happy healing..

Anne said...

Glad you are liking the new workplace much more than the older one. And sometimes it hurts while it heals. I'm learning that too!