Monday, April 23, 2012

I'd be lying if I said that the email from the Eugene Marathon with final marathon instructions didn't make me a little sad.  I know there will be other races but it still is a huge letdown to have this one pass without me since I decided to do it last October.  And it was going to be my first. 

Ah well.

CIM here I come!

But first, I suppose I'd best start running.  

After a fairly successful last Thursday, I managed to overdo it on Friday (maybe a smidgen of dancing was involved!) and thus I just did spin on Saturday and didn't even try to run.  Then on Sunday, I went for a 6 mile hike -- again instead of running.  Today my foot feels pretty good so if I get out of here early enough I think I'll go over to the track and try another two miles.  

Baby steps.  Literally.  HA.  


Caroline said...

CIM! something new to look forward to...time to put Eugene behind...and start fresh!

XLMIC said...

I got a little sad about Eugene, too…I even liked my number :(

But yeah…moving on :)

Raina said...

Well, I hope I can meet you in CIM. That race is on my short list of marathons to do. You'll be missed up here in track town!

Terzah said...

Baby steps--that's right! CIM sounds like such a good race. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with it.

I just got the verdict that I probably am looking at another three months of no running. Sigh. But at least I don't have those marathon emails coming. That must have been hard to take.

Kathy said...

it's so hard to start over, isn't it? I'm sorry that you're not able to run Eugene - but yes, there will be other races! You will rock CIM!

Anne said...

Keep easing back into it. Our bodies need more time than our minds to absorb the change. It's good to hear you're getting out there now.