Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop me from buying more running 'things'

So, does anyone else do this...spend money on running stuff when you are not running?  In the past 6 weeks I've managed to acquire:

2 running skirts
1 pair of running shoes
1 Nike Half Zip Element top (I love those -- and it WAS on sale)
1 lime green tank

Oh and one pair of tight fitting shorts -- I call it the old lady version of the booty short (6in inseam).  I actually bought those for spin class because wearing capris was just too hot.  I'm not sure how 90% of the women in spin class do it in capris but it wasn't working for sweaty me.

Anyhow, I don't buy that much running stuff in this short of period when I am running!  I guess the answer to the question 'what are doing with all your spare time now that you aren't running?" is "I'm buying running things."

Oh oh oh, and yesterday I bought this:


Cranky and Moody doesn't even begin to describe it really.  Yesterday I missed spin class because even though I got there 15 mins before the class, it was all filled up.  I did 10 mins on the bike but got off when they announced a last minute opening in spin.  But even though I flew down the stairs to where the class is, someone beat me to it.  I was crushed.  So after adamantly telling the guy they needed two Saturday spin classes and him informing me that for a $1 I could sign up early, I didn't have the energy to continue on the bike.  I came home and threw a major temper tantrum instead (because that's productive).  My exhusband and son were here picking up my daughter for breakfast so I had an audience.  I ranted on and on about how stupid spin was and I hate the gym and all I want to do is run and blah blah blah.  After my exhusband told me that he was sure I'd feel better if I'd just do something, the three of them beat a hasty retreat.  I can hardly blame them -- I was crazed.

I remembered this t-shirt, ordered it and figured I'd start wearing it as warning.

This foot really needs to get better soon -- my pocketbook can't handle much more and the people around me are convinced I've lost my mind.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! I hate when I can't run, i turn into a cranky wreck, I need my running fix. I love the shirt. I just seem to buy running things whether or not I am running.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Shoot , I accidentally clicked on anonymous, that was me :)

Kathy said...

Love that shirt! I think a hearty tantrum counts as vigorous cross training!

Terzah said...

I have that same shirt and I wore it on Friday!

And YES, though I haven't succumbed to it, I have been SO TEMPTED to buy running stuff during this lay-off. Sigh. Living vicariously through retail, I guess!

If you want some workouts to get you through solo stationary bike stuff, let me know. I have some good ones. :^)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love that shirt. I threw a tantrum the other day when my boyfriend suggested we go somewhere but I hadn't gotten my run in yet and I was mad at him for messing up my schedule. But really I was just mad I hadn't run yet! It's funny how that happens. I hope your foot gets better soon!

Caroline said...

love the shirt!
you are allowed one tamper tantrum per week...I think

spin class: I dont go but at my gym it is WAR to get to those. it is crazy. I have seen people have ugly fights over these. I think they need more classes at our gym as well.
hang in there! it will get better!

XLMIC said...

Dang it...I was thinking of trying the spin thing. Sounds too cut-throat for me :P

I keep 'window-shopping' but have yet to spend any real $...but only because I've been too depressed until now. I think I've turned a 'mood corner'...thank GOD.

Hang in there!

brg said...

a major temper tantrum can be productive...nothing like venting to let off some steam.

All the new running stuff always makes you feel better - nothing wrong with that!

Nelly said...

Really sorry to hear about how things are going. I understand completely as its somewhat been my life for the last year or so of rehabbing and hoping to run more.

I guess all I can say is that hopefully you find something that you can go all out in and not hurt yourself to get a good workout in. Maybe try swimming? I found that was a good workout for being able to go 100% and not get injured at all.

Hopefully the stress fracture feels better, not sure how severe your stress fracture is. The one I have sometimes it feels like a dull pain in my right foot at certain times. Mainly I get pain sometimes during activity or after activity. The pain kind of comes and goes randomnly it seems sometimes. Really frustrating.

As you can see, I went running on LG Creek Trail, and there was some pain. So not healed yet. Keep the faith and hopefully you find a good cross training exercise and your foot heals soon. Injuries are not fun.

smartygirl said...

i consider that every week that i exercise every day, i deserve a treat. nothing wrong with new running shoes etc.!

Anne said...

Now I get your comment on my post about running and money!

Meg said...

Ok, that shirt is too cute. No wonder you had to buy it! This is a funny post because I just bought a new running bra, some shorts and a skirt and then decided to wear my OLDEST pair of running shorts for my race today. They are disintegrating and shabby...but I guess I'm superstitious!

Paul said...

Yo Tricia,

How is the cross training going? How does the stress fracture feel?