Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ugh.  I think I'm getting sick.  I'd been a bit 'off' all week and then woke with a sore throat and sniffles yesterday morning.  I went and ran 14 miles still (at pretty good paces too!) but then was just beat the rest of the day.  Rallied to spend the later afternoon and evening drinking with with a friend only to wake this morning with my throat hurting more than Saturday.  And I've been sneezy all day.  I don't want to be sick.  :(

I have been taking all the precautions -- overloading on all the stuff to ward it away.  We'll see what works.  I have a very low tolerance to being sick.

Last week was just crazy work wise and I was so tired -- so it made runs and workouts hard to get up for.  But I did okay once I started.  Tuesday Tempo was really a progression run but the paces were good and I got in the 6 miles.  Track Interval Thursday was later in the day and I didn't meet the time goals but I still did fairly well so I was happy.  And then yesterday's 14 miler.  Since I've not actually done the whole marathon thing yet, this was my longest run ever.  And it was fine -- I was tired at the end but am totally fine today and when I was trucking along at about 13.5 miles, I knew that for sure I could do a marathon.  I have such an issue with confidence with this running thing but now I know I'll manage.  A year off -- and I'm glad to go this slower route.  Suites my style just fine.

I've decided I love out and backs for training runs.  For races, I do like the circular routes but for a training run, the out and back works fantastic.  Like with the 14 miler -- that really was just a 7 mile run that I had to get home from.  And 7 miles is nothing, right.  So it all works out.

And I've learned it is 7 miles from my front door to the top of Vasona Dam -- which I will provide a picture of next time I'm there as it really is pretty.  I was thinking on this past run, that I really do live in a fantastic place.  The weather, while not quite as perfect as say San Diego, is pretty darned close.  The sky is so blue up here (vs. LA/OC area) and the temps are mostly nice.  Hills in the background and tons of nice places to do outdoor things and lots of people doing them.  I did this run by myself -- which really just meant I wasn't with my usual Saturday morning running girls -- but there were tons of people out running, walking and bike riding so I wasn't by myself at all.

Anyway, I was grateful -- which is so much better than fussy.

Here's to NOT getting sick -- I can't be sick.  I can't be sick.  I can't be sick.

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