Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jungle Run

What a week !  I started this post on Sunday (before the week even started really) but then got distracted by having to go to the Monkee's concert.  It wasn't bad -- and kind of fun.  The Monkees were really a bit before my time but I watched the t.v. show in the afternoons after school.  I actually didn't know that many of their songs but we had a good time.  

Here they are -- can't really see their faces but you get the idea:

So on to Sunday's 10k.  It wasn't quite the time I hoped and no PR, but the course was definitely a bit harder than I thought it would be (those reviews I read were right !  amazingly enough) so I'm please with the times.  And the places -- me and my little slow self is gaining on age group placing.  

So first, the race.  The Los Gatos Jungle Run is a Half Marathon and 10K on a well designed course (just enough overlap of the two races to make it fun but not confusing!).  They start the Half Marathoners about 15 mins before the 10kers which also makes for some easy running.  Nice sized race with 740 10kers and 840 Half Marathoners.  

The run is deceptively difficult.  I run on part of the course all the time so knew what that part would be like and didn't think that much of it.  I looked at the elevation and didn't think too much of it either.  Heck, I run on much bigger hills all the time.  But these little suckers were deadly, sneaky little things that made up in steepness what they lacked in length.  

Elevation Profile
500 ft.
416 ft.
333 ft.
250 ft.
Total climb: 272 feet / 83 m
Total elevation change: 549 feet / 167 m
This really doesn't look like all that difficult of a run.  But notice that little hill right off the bat -- it is only 40ft elevation change (Garmin said) but it was straight up right away.  So that sets the tone for the race...every little hill was a straight up incline (see miles 2.5 and 3.8) and then the race finished with this gradual incline that was actually difficult (and I run that part of the run all the time - but it got me (so maybe it wasn't difficult, maybe I was off -- but I didn't feel off)).  

So anyway, after wishing I was dead 1/4 of a mile into the race, things calmed down and I was just running along.  The runners self seeded really well at the beginning so within the first half mile, I was running with the folks I'd run the entire race with for the most part.  I was sort of chatting a bit with this one guy and then we came to the hill at mile 2.5 -- I thought I could just run right up it with my new friend but I just couldn't so slowed off a bit (in order to catch my breath at the top-- HATE when I do that).  I caught back up to my new friend who seemed to be running pretty much what I was able to do so mostly just stayed behind him. I really like running behind someone, it helps keep me focused and I just let them do the pacing.  I fell behind again at mile 3.8 but caught back up and then towards the end he got a bit ahead of me but not too much.  

The race finish at the high school track so about a second after I hit the track, one of my running mates comes up from behind (she's awesome at picking up the pace at the end) so she hollars at me to pick it up.  And being someone who apparently just does what she's told, I managed to speed it up a bit and finished just a second a head of her (but I started a second ahead of her as we had the same time -- and this was weird, they gave me the higher ranking.  I wonder if they do that because I crossed the finish line first?? Not really sure and it doesn't really matter).  Anyway, it was nice to get a measurement of where I am currently and all.  Probably not going to make my dream half goal right away -- but I'm on track to make a PR (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong) at Disneyland on Labor Day weekend. 

And I love the time keeping company....this cute little presentation is nice: 

Tricia D

San Jose, CA
Age: 46 Gender: F
Clock Time53:32
Chip Time53:26
Overall Place133 / 740
Gender Place30 / 470
Age Grade61.9%
Bib #1576
Age Group Place7
Time Back13:32
Tot Div740
Tot Gend470
Tot Ag134

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RoseRunner said...

7th place out of 134 is GREAT! And I certainly believe that it was a tough course. I'm still toying with the idea of running a 10k one day (I never have), but the idea of running any faster than my 1/2 marathon pace sounds NO fun....

Anyway congrats!