Saturday, July 09, 2011

Alrighty then....

The week (and other misc) in bullets:

1.  I'm not going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter this Thursday, but my daughter is.  I'm kind of sad but I have to work so that takes all the fun out of things at times.  I will however make sure I get to see if before next weekend is up.

2.  I'm going to see The Monkee's at The Mountain Winery tomorrow night. The Monkee's -- yeah, how cool is that.  And the venue = awesome.

3.  Went out with the girls last night -- tons of fun but 3am?  Really?  What do I think I am? 21?  Gah.  

4.  10k tomorrow.  We'll just see how that goes.  I'm fairly familiar with part of the route as I run the trail a lot.  But then I read descriptions of the race that said it kind of fools you -- you feel like it should be faster than it is.  We'll just have to see. Excited though.  

5.  Last week's tempo run = major blow up.  Felt gross and still struggling with being properly hydrated.  Was to be 5 miles at mid tempo pace (8.30 to 8.45 ish) and my average was 4.5 (labored) miles with avg 9.30.  But but but .... I didn't take water (oh, it's only 5 miles and it is cool!) but my the first half mile I was soaked and when I got home I checked the weather.  Yeah, it was cool but it was also 87% humidity.  Note to self....just take water on all summer runs.  

6.  Last week's interval run.  Rocked it.  Did it at 6pm and 85* (or maybe hotter?) but made sure I was hydrated and ta da.  Funny thing what that water can do for one.  The workout was intimidating (to me anyway) and was:

10-20 min warm up
1 mile (400 RI)
2 miles (800 RI)
2x800 (800 RI)
Cool down.

I was pleased with my times -- am getting faster.  

1 mile -- 8.28 pace
2 mile -- 8.23 pace
1x800 -- 8.08 pace
1x800 -- 8.13 pace

I was very tired when done and felt it the next day.  Quads are still a bit tired.  

7.  Had a blissful 2 hour nap this afternoon (see #3 above) and am ready to go back to bed!  Nice.  All I have to do is finish this, play with music for tomorrows fun and then I'm off to read..  And my house has cooled down a bit too so sleep should be blissful.

And that's all for now.  


Nelly said...

I hope the Jungle Run went great! I've thought about doing that race, but I always run there for training, so I figure that I'll run something else, haha Though the course is probably completely flat, so maybe it is worth looking into next year when I'm healthy.

The heat we've been having around here has been tough, I bet running in it is rough.

Sounds like your workouts are going well recently!

I love reading about your workouts, because I run at exactly the same places that you run at!

Nelly said...

Interesting on the Jungle Run 10K course, I'll definitely be in for next year then.

My knee is starting to feel a little bit better, my guess is that maybe I'll be running some in about a month or so. My knee definitely doesn't feel back to 100%, but it is closer than it has been in a while. I can't wait to run again.

On the weekends I swim at 24 hour fitness - the pool is just okay, but the pool is inside so I don't have to put on sunscreen. And I swim at Fremont High school in Sunnyvale during the week twice a week or so. They have a nice pool, with about 7-10 lanes open for lap swim. I bought a 12 visit pass for $60. I've started to like swimming more now, it does give you a good cardio workout without any pounding.