Monday, July 04, 2011

Last few days recap

Nothing really exciting to report so I'll go through the last few days recap ... just to get it down so I remember.

Thursday Intervals --

2 X (6 x 400) 90sec rest/2.30 rest between sets.

Done -- and I felt great afterwards but it was hard.  I'm pretty pleased with my lap times (or some of them anyhow):

      2 0:01:43 0.26 6:41
      4 0:01:42 0.26 6:35
      6 0:01:43 0.26 6:45
      8 0:01:46 0.26 6:52
    10 0:01:46 0.26 6:53
    12 0:01:44 0.25 7:02
    14 0:01:48 0.26 6:59
    16 0:01:47 0.26 6:56
    18 0:01:46 0.25 7:05
    20 0:01:47 0.25 7:01
    22 0:01:46 0.25 7:06
    24 0:01:47 0.24 7:23

I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to run these.  Maybe I'll have to reread that chapter.  Not sure if I should have gone a bit slower up front to maintain a consistent pace.  Pretty clear that by the last one, I was done done done.  But I'm still very pleased by this.

Saturday I met my running girls and we did 8.67 miles at Rancho San Antonio Park -- love that place.  My friend decided to add a bit of a hill tempo at the beginning as a way of adding miles and work.  That set the tone for the overall run and then I was able to make it up the big hill (1.5 miles -- 500ish ft
incline) (and I'd show the garmin elevation but I can't for some reason).  The first part of the downhill was super hard on my body -- but my lower back has been killing me -- off to the chiropractor tomorrow.  Anyway, the run overall was fantastic.

Then today running friend and I did 12 miles at Sawyer Camp -- another great running place.  It is an out and back and has a nice 300 ft climb from miles 4.5 to 6.  Other than that, it is really flat.  I was very happy with my times -- especially since I'd just had a pretty difficult run on Saturday.  I bonked at mile 10 -- really needed to Gu then but just pushed on through so slowed down a bit.  But still overall was happy -- and the best part is that I'm feeling fine at the end of it all.

I've also done well with the cross training -- so whoo hoo.  But now that it is getting closer to Disneyland, it is easier for me to take it all seriously.

That's about it -- nothing going on for the 4th which has been fine.  Relaxing weekend.  The girl and I watched The Princess Bride last night and well all I've got to say is finally.  Can't believe I've not seen that one.

That's all for now.

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XLMIC said...

You are getting speedy, girl! I am just relearning about fueling and hydration during runs. This weekend just kicked my behind...

The Princess Bride is such a fave :)