Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last week's recap

As much as I want to chronicle life and running, I suck at this blogging thing.  I use what little time I have available to read other blogs but don't get around to saying what I want to say.

Ah well.

Recap from last week.

*  Last Tuesday went for a run -- not quite 7 miles.  It rained and I didn't do so well.  But found trail from friends house to airport so that was cool.  We could stay off the damn roads.

*  Was supposed to run Thursday but it rained.  And by rained I mean it poured.  And I was so tired I left work early, came home and slept for about an hour and a half (until 5.30), got up, noticed it wasn't raining, decided to blow off run anyway, made dinner and was back in bed reading by 8 and sound asleep by 9.  Apparently I needed to sleep more than I needed to run.

* On Friday I met friend I don't see enough for dinner -- was very good as was going to run 12 miles on Saturday.

*  Did not run because it was pouring.  I mean buckets.

*  (Note to weather gods:  this is California.  Stop the rain.  Even here in NoCal we don't want this much of it)

* Ran 12 miles on Sunday.  Mr. Sun decided to show back up, a bit sheepishly I might add, but thank god he did because I was loosing my mind.  12 miles isn't easy because I don't do it often enough but at least I know I can manage half on the 10th.

* My lungs just suck.  Or rather they don't.  I'd been running fine and dandy all last summer with only occasional problems but then on Thanksgiving when I ran Turkey Trot at 32* temp my lungs decided to stop working for the last mile.  That was a bit tough.  It was suggested to me that possibly I have exercise induced asthma so I got myself to doc and he told me I had wonderful lungs (I passed the blow test! ha) but did believe me when I told him that running was making me wheeze and cough and all around struggle to get air in so he gave me an inhaler (technically he gave me a prescription for an inhaler but whatever).  Which works fine when I remember to use it.  Which I did on Sunday but it doesn't seem to last an entire almost 2 hours so by the end of the 12 miles I really couldn't breath.  This happened to me the week before when we ran 10 miles and then last Tuesday when I ran almost 7 miles and forgot to use it at all.  I find this not breathing thing a bit annoying.

* Last week I read Run Less, Run Faster and I think I've found my approach to this running thing.  Because there was no way I was going to be able to run more than I am but I do like the thought of going faster (damn competitive genes).  I have to add swimming in as cross training in anyway since I have (for some unknown reason really) told a friend I'd do a triathlon with her (it is on her bucket list, not mine - see how good a friend I am) so anyway, I can just swim and then follow his training program as it almost already fits with what I'm doing  but with a bit more structure to my workouts.  I'm going to follow this plan for the Disneyland Half on Labor Day weekend -- so we'll see where that gets me.

*  Hopefully where it will get me is that I'll learn to swim. Oh yeah yeah, and I'll finish a triathlon (a baby one) and I'll bring down my half marathon time.

* Whew

I think that's it for now.

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