Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain, rain, go away....


Despite the crap weather we've been having, I did manage to do 10 miles on Saturday which was exciting for a couple of reasons.  First, crap weather and I'm a wimp.  Lucky it wasn't raining the moment we started or I probably would have just stayed in bed but I was up and out and met friend and it was just freezing so we started.  Of course, a mile into the run it was raining but because it was mostly drippy rain (vs. downpour rain) we just handled it and eeked out 10 miles.

Second, I'd been out the night before.  I tend not to go out the night before big runs because I can't seem to pass up that second, third, fourth.... glass of wine.  Then I don't sleep and then I feel like crap and then I don't run.  But Friday night I did well -- had wine, but not enough to impact the next day too significantly.  Go me.  Finally.

So I feel confident that I will finish the Half on April 10th despite the sucky overall training from the winter.  Probably won't PR but who cares at this point -- my most immediate goal is finishing.  I'm thinking maybe the first weekend in June needs to be a half marathon weekend.  So deciding between San Diego or Vacaville.  Vacaville is closer so that will probably win and the event (California Run Festival) sounds pretty nice actually.  Now to get someone to do it with me.

God, it is pouring again...what do I live in Seattle?

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