Thursday, January 05, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I just bought my airline ticket to Eugene!!  Hotel tomorrow -- I can only do one major purchase a day.

2. At some point, I need to outline my plans for 2012.  They are in my head -- but they really should come out.  I think it will be along the lines of:  Half, Half, Full -- then a whole bunch of 10Ks -- then Half, Half, Full in the fall (assuming I like and can manage a Full - -because who knows really).

3.  I've been sick but not sick -- the weirdest thing.  I think it might be allergies.  The sore throat is terrible and I've absolutely no energy but I'm not really sick.  I've used it as an excuse not to run this week -- 4 days no running -- which is something I've not done in months.  I was going to go this morning but when I woke up, I just couldn't move and thought I'd lay there for 15 more minutes and then get up.  Well next thing I know, an hour and a half passed so that settled that.  Tomorrow and the weekend for sure. I'm just considering this a little break -- 4 days really isn't that much.


Caroline said...

allergies are here...yes that is what happens when we go from cool temps winter normal to me I got it..sore throat and sinus are hooo
you know what helps
1. humidifier
2. drink BRAGGS ACV in is nasty but it helps

Kathy said...

Hate those lingering colds/allergies. Your functional but just not yourself. Feel better and get out there!

Terzah said...

Ugh, sore throat! The important thing is to get better. With your base, the running will be just fine when you return to it.

Anne said...

The Santa Anas have really been messing with everyone's allergies down here too. You're right - it is a weird feeling to feel sick but not sick.

Teamarcia said...

Yes! Put those plans put on paper. Here's to an amazing year!

Meg said...

Get well! I've been hearing of more and more people who are only "kind of sick!" Blah, get well!
I'm looking forward to hearing your new plans for the year! COme to San Diego to race!