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2012 Run for a Health World Race Recap

I'm sick.  I hate being sick.  I hate being sick more than just about anything.  I don't want to be sick.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  I'm still at the sore throat, achy body part so if it goes into my head, I'll be sick all week.

Wah, I feel sorry for me.

As long as I'm better by next Monday -- well Tuesday really.  Got to love a training plan that starts with rest day!

Anyway, just really quick since I was anything but yesterday, I did want to say more about the race -- especially for the NoCal folks who might consider running it.

The race was 2012 New Year's Run for a Health World which is one of two races put on by the World Runners group benefiting " the education of young women in Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, microfinance and locally the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Meals on Wheels program of the Health Trust of Silicon Valley." (from their website). The other race they put on is on Labor Day.  

The race was run in the Palo Alto Baylands.  I know Paul runs out there but I've never been despite the fact it is only 30 minutes from my house.  That will change.  The course is described on their website as:  "Both scenic courses have spectacular views of the bay and are dead flat, run mostly through the marsh lands on a mix of levee trails, dirt and paved roads. They both start and end at the Palo Alto Baylands Athletic Center." That doesn't do it justice really -- but basically you feel like you are running out in the bay.  That combined with the fact it was an absolutely beautiful clear sunny day, around 50 degrees at the start, made it so wonderful.  I look forward to finding more trails out there.  

Anyway, back to the race.  This was a small race -- just my style with both a 5k and 10k.  I'd signed up for the 10k and as previously mentioned, wasn't in the best shape because of too much wine, not enough sleep, and a brewing cold so I was just so out of it.  In addition to forgetting my inhaler, I couldn't decide whether I should run with music or not, when to use the bathroom, where to line up -- every decision was major and stressful.  So finally I decided on no music (stuff the earbuds into my bra), lined up, managed to turn on my garmin and just hoped for the best and prayed for the next hour to be over quickly.  

By the quarter mile mark I knew the no music was a bad decision -- the trail narrowed quickly so people were closing in.  Nothing I couldn't handle normally but because I wasn't feeling well it started to freak me out -- so I dug around for my ear buds and got them in, turned on the music and suddenly relaxed.  The music blocked out the distractions so  I was able to get in the running grove and knew I could get it done and without a personal worst.  

The rest of the run was mostly uneventful.  The field thinned out pretty quickly really so by mile two I was pretty much just with this one woman who was running a lovely pace so I settled in behind her -- but I wasn't paying much attention and was mostly very focused on keeping my legs moving.  I think I got a bit to close to her because suddenly she turns around and says "do you want to pass me?  just pass me?" and she let me go by.  Well then I felt bad so I apologized to her but I'm not entirely sure what I did.  I was probably too close to her though I didn't think so at the time -- I was behind her but to the right of her and honestly if I wanted to pass her, I would have done it!  Oh well -- I still apologized because I didn't mean to be a jerk or a drafter or anything else I possibly was.  

(The funny thing is, I think this just bothers some people more than others.  Last summer at a 10K I followed this guy through the whole race -- he was just going a perfect pace so I just knew if I could stay with him I"d make it (was a tough 10k course).  And at the end of the race he found me and thanked me for staying with him because it kept him going.  This also happened to a friend of mine at the 11K last November -- she followed two guys, thanked them at the end for keeping a good pace for her and they told her she motivated them to keep moving just as much.  And it doesn't bother me when someone is behind me either -- it keeps me focused and steady.  But clearly it bothered this woman so I'm going to have to be a bit more aware and careful).  

After the above incident, a mother/son team caught me -- they were awesome.  I really thought they'd pass me but I was going to hang with them while I could.  They ended up backing off after a bit and I never saw them again. 

All in all --it was a good race and I look forward to doing it again when I feel better.  It was my size, well run, super nice people, great course and it started at 9.30 which is so smart on NYD.  So next year, I'll be back and I'd recommend it.  

Oh oh oh -- the part about how I thought I might have age group placed -- which I totally didn't do (7/35).  The first part of the race was an out and back, so shortly after I saw the first male, I saw the first female and knew I was coming close to the turn around so I started counting women -- and got to 15 (which was wrong as I ended up 19th female but whatever).  It is impossible to tell how old anyone is when running (unless they are young or very old) so I had no idea really what was ahead of me but when I was talking with this woman after the race who was a volunteer she asked how I did and I mentioned that while my time wasn't stellar, there might have been only 15 women ahead of me - so she tells me how wonderful the prizes are and to stay around for the awards because the odds might be in my favor.  I'd sort of been thinking that as well but since the age group awards were in a 10 year span so I wasn't sure.  Well who would have predicted all the fast 40 + year old women showed up that day!!!  The first woman was over 40 and that never happens.  These are the ages of the top 10:

Pretty impressive.  5 of them over 40.  That makes me so happy really -- I love this sport where you can be older and still compete in small local races.  That is really awesome in my mind.  So no age group award for me which is just fine.  Really wasn't expecting it considering all else of the morning.

Here's to a fantastic start to what will hopefully be a great year!  Happy 2012!

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Terzah said...

I love it when the speedies are all older! It gives me hope (even though I'm already slow--can't imagine I'll get any faster in a global sense...)

Please feel better soon! Colds just SUCK. No other way to say it....