Saturday, January 21, 2006

Teenaged Boys

I've decided I adore teenaged boys. I think they must be the funniest creatures on the planet and it really is a shame that I was so intimidated by them when I was a teenaged girl.

Thursday afternoon I drove 4 of them to their basketball game. They were pleasant, funny and knew a lot about all kinds of music. They talked to me and joked with me and generally were all around great.

Right now I've got three of them in my house. They showed up at about 5.30 starved asking if I was planning on feeding them. When I assured them that indeed I was planning on feeding them and what would they like they all just said they'd take whatever I provided! With a little pressing, they decided on chinese food so off I went. They just finished round one (I bought enough for a couple of rounds) and now have retired to the family room (amid many thanks for providing the food). We've got the fancy HDTV and one of the boys brought over his XBox 360 -- they're fed, full and playing shoot-em up games. Perfect.

Tomorrow early I'm off to NYC -- I'm meeting up with a woman I work with who lives outside of London -- we've never met face to face so decided to get to the city (our flights arrive within one minute of each other) to have dinner to chat and meet in person. We'll do a bit of shopping on Monday, hook up with our group Monday night for dinner, meetings on Tuesday and then home on Wednesday. A nice break for me.

And I found a coat! Go me.


Mary said...

Have a safe trip! I can't wait to hear about it.

Yseye said...

I enjoy my boys and their friends also. I like being what they call a cool mom - one who listens, doesn't criticize and best of all provides food! Yah for us cool moms.

Have a great trip! ~ Yvonne

Suburban Island said...

As a mom with a 17 year old son I must agree with you. Sometimes sloppy, sometimes not amazingly communicative, but all in all quite a treasure.