Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Update Post

Goodness, been awhile since I've been around these parts.  Actually I've been keeping up with the reading of blogs, I've just not had a chance to write something of my own.

Lets see....where was I?

Ah yes, the 16 year old's birthday weekend.  It went fantastically.  She proclaimed it The Best Weekend Ever so that was good.  The quick rundown (and very pictureless which is sad really since we were in San Francisco on one of the most beautiful weekends imaginable):  Walt Disney Family Museum (recommend), high tea at The Fairmont (recommend), wander around the Fairmont looking into all the ballrooms to see how they are decorated for the evening (recommend), follow wedding party around and blatantly stare as they are getting their pictures made (recommend), walk through Chinatown and buy mug with dragon on it (did I mention I'm a dragon and it is the year of the dragon??), go to Union Square and discover that unbeknownst to either one of you, you are both shoppers (recommend) and then proceed to spend money (don't recommend) on lots of goodies and then get back to hotel at 9:30 and fall instantly in bed.

That was day one.  Day two:  Eat breakfast at cute cafe (recommend), go back to Union Square and realize that you a aren't shoppers after all (thank goodness) however, play around Crate and Barrel sitting on EVERY couch in the store to see which one is the best (recommend), go pick up car and drive (don't recommend) to the Haight but find it is overwhelmed with music festival and the music sounds a bit scary (from the drive by) and there are a million people and no parking so decide to go see the Golden Gate bridge, realize that the worst weekend in SF is a warm weekend (don't ever recommend driving in SF on a nice weekend) so finally get to bridge, cross it and then come back and drive through Sea Cliff which is where the fancy schmancy houses are (recommend), get to the coast  to come home that way and realize part of Hwy 1 is closed (really?) and then finally get home.


Then last weekend was spent in Phoenix (yes hot) at a friends fancy schmancy house (yes, really) and just having a plain ole good time.

Work's been crazy busy but the in between has been fun.

Oh yeah -- this is supposedly a running blog.  Well lets talk about that then.

Shortly before the SF weekend the chiropractor told me to just relax.  It seemed that my back was hurting worse than before but I was trying to ramp miles and he was basically adjusting me all over the place and it wasn't pleasant.  In fact, it was quite painful.  Apparently when he told me I could still run, he didn't realize I would.  HA!  So he said to just take it easy and make no run over 2 miles.  Well, with two busy weekends away (no running either one) and a crazy work schedule, I just took the running down to a bare minimum and sort of chilled.  And who knew, he was right.  It seems all his crazy talk about fixing me is coming true and it is nothing short of amazing (for me anyway).  The thing is I've never talked about much is that I've had constant low grade back pain since forever.  It was just something I accepted -- but it was getting worse last fall and early winter and then when I started back after the foot fiasco it was very very bad.  But I figured I'd just have to live with it -- but I don't think I do.  So between his Cox table, ART, regular adjustments and me doing some actual core work, I actually feel a ton better.  Like amazingly better.  Not perfect, but different and better. So it would seem entirely pain free might be doable.

Cool.  So.....

I'm a little nervous but I'm going to sign up this week for CIM -- it's official.  Attempt #2 at Marathon #1.  I even have gone so far as to resurrect the McMillan plan I purchased for Eugene and plug in dates to see when I start.  The plan is time based (except for long runs) vs miles based so it seems to make sense to use it.  I paid for it after all.  So that begins on 8/13 and my goal until then is to build back up the miles base.

I'm sort of scared to commit.  The ONLY goal (and I mean it) is to make it to the start line -- nothing like a 5 month drama of foot/back issues to put a little perspective on things.  I'm erring on the side of caution in all situations (I promise) and start line is my primary focus.  I'll worry about finishing after I get going.  ;)

So there we have it -- all caught up.  This week will be around 20 miles -- so you can see, I've got a bit of work to do.

And just because -- here's a picture of my newly minted 16 year old.  If I could just convey how sweet she is...she is such a doll.


XLMIC said...

So...20 miles is a LOT especially considering what you've been dealing with. Do NOT sell 20 miles in a week short! Here's hoping that all continues to be good :)

Your girl is gorgeous! Wish her a happy birthday from me :)

Raina said...

What a beautiful daughter! Happy birthday to her!
So glad to hear that your back is feeling better. Yes- some work to do, but DOABLE. :)

Terzah said...

It's very good to get an update from you! I'm envious of "pain-free", but hopefully I'm getting there too. Both of those weekends sound fantastic! I can't wait to hear that you've officially hit the button on CIM!

Paul said...

Glad you hear you are doing so much better.

Sounds like you had a great time in SF w ur daughter!

Re CIM: go for it! But yes, be don't overdo things..

Nelly said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend in SF! Not sure if you were up there the 6/23 weekend, but it was chaos up there - with the Pride festival, Warped Tour concert, Sonoma NASCAR race, etc. I was actually at Warped Tour, but that was in the southeast part of the city, so it probably didn't affect much.

Hopefully you are able to get back to running pain free soon, 20 miles is a solid base! Good luck with training for CIM. But I'm with Paul, be careful on the build up.

I'm finally starting to feel better it seems like, I feel no or minimal pain after running, I think it has to do with only running on trails. No more road, asphalt or treadmill for me for a bit I think. I'll finally post an update post soon, lol.

Caroline said...

beautiful daughter! Happy birthday to her!

hit the sign up button !

you can do it!

Jill said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter - she is beautiful! I have two 16-year old boys .. I'm not showing them her picture! :)

I ran CIM in 2001 (I think. So long ago I can't remember - ha)...loved the course. I say go for it, what have you got to lose? You'll never know unless you give it a try!! :)