Sunday, June 03, 2012

Diagnosis and fun 16th Birthday weekend plans

It is quite exciting -- I now know what is wrong with me.  Well, what is wrong that relates to my back anyway -- no telling about anything else.  From the doc's write up (italics are my comments):

"Right inferior pelvic unleveling 8mm.  Right short leg 4mm.  No sacral unleveling (whew as everything else is unlevel(.  15 degree scoliosis to the right, apex at L2.  Lovett negative spinous rotation (I've not idea what this is and a quick google search tells me I need a more time to figure this one out).  Weight bearing line normal.  Disc spaces appear adequate exept mild loss of disc height at L3 and L4.  Facetal arthrosis is mild at L5-S1.  Bone density commensurate with patient's age."

So there we go.  Apparently we are going to fix me -- how exciting is that.  I always assumed that the scoliosis wasn't fixable as no one has ever mentioned fixing it before but apparently it is and that's what we are doing.  So I have to visit the chiropractor a million times in June (maybe really only 10 but when I was scheduling the visits it felt like a million) and then he'll give me some exercises to do to maintain whatever he does.  

I guess it is time to stop paying lip service to core work and actually do it regularly.  At least at this point I'll have some specific exercises to do that relate to the problems -- most that my right side is weaker because of the scoliosis.  

All this being said, damn, it hurts like hell right now.  Ever visit he says he is he is relieving pain but the funny thing is, I wasn't in pain.  I had had had some pain -- but I went to him for my foot.  Now I'm not complaining because before foot injury, my back would just kill me after a run.  And when I was starting back a few weeks ago, I'd have some runs where my back hurt.  But now it hurts crazy like and I'm not sure it is supposed to - he did some adjustments on Wed, I ran like a superstar for 4 miles on Thursday.  I went back on Friday and now yesterday and today's runs were misery.  This is baffling -- but possibly with all the movement going on in my lower back it has to hurt to get better?  I've no idea but it is the ultimate irony -- my foot is finally ready to go and now I can't make it past 4.5 miles because of my back.

If it isn't one thing...

If only I wasn't so attached to this running thing....

Anyway, in much more fun news, my little one turns 16 next Sunday.  I thought she was just born but apparently it was 16 years ago -- unbelievable if you ask me.  But get this -- she doesn't want a party with friends, she wants a weekend in SF with her mom.  How freaking cool is that.  So I've sort of planned out her birthday weekend:

Sat the 9th:

Head to city in morning. 
Walt Disney Museum 
Afternoon tea at The Fairmont

We are staying near Union Square (actually closer to China town in this small hotel I've stayed at before and like) so we'll wonder there and eat somewhere.  But she's excited to stay in nice hotel so I imagine we'll go back to room fairly early to soak up room.  

Sunday the 10th:

Breakfast somewhere -- need to figure that out
There are no shows that I want to see playing so I'm thinking of Beach Blanket Babylon.  It is a fun musical revue that I think she'll get a kick out of.  She can't go to the Sat night one (adult content) so the matinee will be fun.  But not really sure and open for suggestions on a Sunday afternoon outing.  
Then back home for birthday dinner with her dad and brother.  

We'll have fun no matter what -- she's pretty darned easy going.  And how sweet that this is what she wanted.  

All righty -- must go make dinner.  


Terzah said...

I hope my daughter wants that for her 16th birthday--sounds wonderful!!

Congrats on finding out what's wrong (and I'm glad it's not your sacrum!). I hope the pain lessens as time goes on, as it should.

Caroline said...

I think it is fantastic that your daughter wants a weekend with you. I can tell you that at 16 I would have not requested that. I am not proud of it but it is the truth. you must have a special relationship and I am so happy for you. I have boys so I think the chance they will ask for that when they are 16 is retty slim!!! I hope you will have the best time!
take a lot of picture to remember it!!

Kathy said...

Hope your progress goes well!
I love that your daughter wants to spend her 16th with you.
Elizabeth and I always have tea downtown for her birthday - I pray that she never outgrows that ... it's one of my favorite days of the year!

Jill said...

YAY, you have a diagnosis...I fully followed exactly what your doctor said, too (not! :)). I know when I questioned what my foot problem was for months on end, it was finally just a relief to have an official diagnosis, even if it meant I was screwed - hehe. Bring on the fixing, hope it goes smoothly!

Hope your daughter had a great 16th birthday, too. 16 is such a special age!!

ajh said...

Do get better and yes injuries are the worse.

Anne said...

You are getting off easy for your daughter's big birthday! And I am actually surprised your chiropractor didn't ask you to stop running for a couple of weeks to let the treatments set. That's what mine's done but maybe my back issues are different. Anway, good luck!!