Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Five -- Merry Holidays

1.  I used to be fantastically good about getting the family Christmas card and letter out.  Then in 2005 I sort of fell apart and stopped doing the pictures, letters, card, whatever.  Then in 2008 I had a good year and needed to get some family changes out to a lot of people so did a Christmas picture of the three of us and sent it off.  I just knew I was back in the game -- but alas, I wasn't.  2009 and 2010 and no card, no nothing from me.

And now I'm off most people's list which makes me so sad.  I get it, I haven't been a good card sender but for some people I really really really enjoyed getting their annual cards and letters.  It was a nice way to stay in touch with people I just don't see often (or at all).

So I'm on it -- not perfectly mind you.  But on it.  Since I was a bit late getting my act together (like yesterday), I decided to go with the New Year's theme and ordered these:

Aren't these two darling?  This was taken last summer at the Boy's graduation from Marines boot camp.  I'm sure she'll be upset that I used this picture since she doesn't have braces anymore but I just love this shot so she will just have to deal.  

The cards arrive sometime between the 20th and the 24th so I made the right choice.  I can leisurely send them out right after Christmas.  AND, I've got the letter written to go along with them.  I'll have to post that some other time.  

2.  I just realized by deciding for an LA Christmas (where family is), I've made this weekend my last opportunity to get EVERYTHING done.  That's a bit overwhelming since not much is done so everything is really everything.  

3.  We got the tree last weekend.  It is still naked and now we are leaving. I suppose we'll get the lights on and decorated just in time to leave.  Maybe it can be my New Years Tree. 

4.  Those lovelies above only want money for Christmas.  Now I get it -- teenager=money.  But really?  Christmas?  Usually I'm good at ignoring them and doing something else but they've given me NO ideas. Nothing.  Nada.  So it may be money.  Maybe I'll do the box wrapped in a box wrapped in a box thing so at least the opening will be amusing.  

5.  All week I carried around a package that needs to be mailed to my brother and never got it mailed.  Now it may be late.  SIGH.

Have I mentioned I have to do EVERYTHING christmas related this weekend?  Including mailing packages that I should have mailed this week.  

I need to get the to do list written.... nervously yours....


Lisa said...

I also used to be on top of my Christmas Card giving. Friends and family would always comment that our card was their first of the season. I fell off that wagon slowly, but this year, I bought a box. Actually, just today!

I love your card - it's beautiful and sums up the holiday season. Family.

Terzah said...

I love your card!

And we are in exactly the same boat when it comes to Christmas. I have no idea when I'm going to do anything. At least some of our cards are out. Not getting cards makes me sad too. Lots of people don't have our new address, so I'm hoping that's why it's been so slow this year.