Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Fun Day and quick weekly recap

Saturday Fun Day

If you call this fun:

We apparently did!  On Saturday I met up with XL MIC and  Aron for a nice 12 mile trail run around Lake Chabot.  XLMIC and I had been emailing a bit back and forth about coordinating our spring marathon efforts (my first, her first in a long time) so we could get together for some long runs.  She's been twittering and texting with Aron as well and as luck would have it, we all showed up to run.

And boy what a run it was -- I mean, mile 3 -- really?  That was the first point I thought I might die.  As I'd run the 11k the day before, I was already feeling a bit tired -- and when we got to that hill I really wanted to cry.  But the fact that I just met these guys kept me quite and I didn't fuss at all.

The views at the top were just lovely making it all worth while.    As did the company -- I really enjoyed getting to know these woman.  They are both fantastic and the conversation didn't waver once.  This was my first experience meeting online runners and it was a definitely a positive one (though I have had online friends become very dear real life friends as well so I suspected it would go well).  I look forward to running again with these guys and since Aron is training for a 50miler I think we'll all have plenty of opportunities to scale Mile Three again!

Oh and here's the gratuitous pre run shot of the three of us.

Last week's quick recap:

Monday -- rest day.  Seems to be the pattern.

Tuesday -- 6.2 miles early.  Enjoyed the bit of daylight afforded by coming off daylight savings time.  I know it won't last but I liked it just the same.  And I notice I speeded up as it got light out.  I apparently can't run in the dark.  Even with a headlamp.

Wednesday -- 4 miles -- nothing eventful

Thursday -- slept

Friday -- Veteran's Day 11k -- super fun as already mentioned in previous post.  They still don't have the official results posted -- tomorrow apparently.

Saturday Fun Day -- 12 miles.  12 hilly miles.  12 Killer HILLY miles.  (I forgot to mention above that after I drove home, I almost couldn't get out of my car -- limped into my house -- pathetic)

Sunday -- easy 4 miles just to prove I could.

So I did 33 miles last week -- most weekly miles EVAH!  And other than a bit of quad soreness today, I'm fine.  So project build miles is going as planned.

Whoo hoo.  


Terzah said...

Wow, that's a huge mile 3!! How fun to meet up with those ladies. I can see how training partners would push you. Hopefully at some point I can join a group.

Caroline said...

you guys are so lucky to run together!!!
that is serious HILL workout!
I think I would have died there

Prasetyo said...

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Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

My legs hurt just looking at that graph! That is one killer run!

Paul said...

Oh jeez that profile is BRUTAL. Ugh.
Great you have such good friends you can run with!

Keep up the good mileage..but remember the bones, joints and connective tissue are slower to improve than the muscles and heart/ careful! Want to see you in Eugene and you have LOTS of time.

You are doing a great job of prepping...take your time!


Kathy said...

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. OK, I'll stop crying about my hills on last week's half marathon! Way to go!

Nelly said...

Awesome on both the Veterans day run, and the huge trail run! That hill at mile 3 looks insane! It looks harder than the hill we always run at Rancho, I didn't know that was possible!

And great job on the high mileage week!

Anne said...

I love meetups like that. You always wonder how you'll measure up, but I can see you did just fine. Keep up the good work.