Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The funny thing about this running thing is that I constantly find myself in situations doing something that is so unlike me.  I've mentioned being wimpy and oh boy, I define the word.  Scared of my own shadow as a kid, never one to try many new things that put me out of my comfort zone and certainly not one to actively seek out physical discomfort, I'm still a bit surprised when I go ahead with something I'd never had done before.  

It had been foggy the past two mornings so it didn't surprise me when I checked the weather first thing this morning and saw the Dense Fog Alert.  I debated, I did. But then I reminded myself I said I only wouldn't run because of rain.  And then I remembered all the bloggers that run in ice, snow, freezing temps, rain and the like and I decided I could handle a little fog.  

Let me tell you though, fog in the dark is creepy.  

But I did it, yes I did.  

When I walked outside it was eerily silent except the trees were cackling -- I think it was the moisture on the branches.  The cackling was so loud because everything else was so quiet. Visibility was about 50ft. so not too bad.  But when I turned on my headlamp, all I saw was water floating all around me and I was instantly chilled.  There was nothing to do at that point so off I went.  

It wasn't that bad but it was still creepy -- every time a leaf would fall I'd jump and I constantly felt like someone was going to jump out at me.  Also the run itself was difficult -- I'm terrible in the dark anyway and the headlamp was absolutely no use so I was even slower.  But it was also very very peaceful -- even more so than regular.  I never did warm up though and was very happy I'd worn my big thick gloves so my hands didn't turn white (which is always nice).  

So I guess this means I can run in fog.  A few modifications to what I wore and I'm set.  


Lisa said...

I'm such a scaredy-cat running in the dark. Probably why I'm hardly running these evenings, ever since we turned the clocks back. Groan....

Good for you for getting out there!

Nelly said...

Yea, the fog around the bay area has been crazy the last 2 mornings!

Terzah said...

Ha ha, good job overcoming your aversion to fog! It sounds nice to me, but I will concede maybe not as nice as a clear chilly morning.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Oh I think that would creep me out. I guess I've watched too many horror movies! Good job overcoming it!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh i think some days i would love it and others i'd be like uhh no thanks. probably depends on how much light is available too