Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday back on the trails!

With all the rain we've had this winter here in NoCal, we've not managed to do much of the trail running.  But we were back out there Saturday and thank god for that.  I realized how much I miss it.  And my legs realized how much they missed it too....they weren't all that pleased on the switch backs but they'll come around.  I'm sure of it.

But ah.... so nice to be on dirt vs. street/sidewalk/biking trail.

This Saturday is relay at BSIM....should be fun.  Somehow I got stuck with two legs -- but still only a 9 mile run which seems positively doable.  Still a bit disappointed the road fell in and they had to come up with new course.  Was looking forward to running through the redwoods.  Ah well -- fantastic event so that is one nice thing.

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Chris K said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my Blog. Do you know Nelly? He lives in SJO or around there?

I actually paid to do Skyline to Sea 50k but had to bail.

I fell in love with trail running only a few months ago. You should have some great summer runs this year.