Monday, November 26, 2007


I guess it all just takes time. I just read the blurb I wrote last and remember. September seemed to be awful. I couldn't figure out why it was so awful but it was.

But slowly and surely I seem to be getting better. I guess it just take time when you loose a parent and finish a marriage all in one year.

October ended up being nuts. A crazy month but one that resulted in me getting a job in San Jose !! I was just about done with the weekly travel to LA. It was okay until it wasn't and when it wasn't I'd about lost my mind. I had three bad flights and knew I was done - and luckily something fell right into my lap! Wow! Maybe my karma has changed. One can hope.

But it still has been so hectic with all that. Mid October I had a week business trip in Orlando. Then came back, accepted new job, quit, worked the following week in LA and then went on vacation to Hong Kong. Came back from HK, did a final week with LA job while starting new job and the officially started new job last week. I'm exhausted thinking about the past month! Crazy.

But distracting. Which I think is good. I still need distraction I think. Oh and the working with adults all day might be fun too! That work from home bit was great until I lost all other social interaction and then it was becoming oppressive. And lonely.

But I'm good. Very good.

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Anonymous said...

Hip, hip, hooray for good! You've had quite the year and it takes a while. We've had less here--death of FIL, the girls leaving--and it's taken an adjustment here too.