Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I've got it all arranged. I've got to be in Dallas next Thursday for a meeting so this is what my next Wed to Monday looks like:

Wed -- fly to Dallas, arrange to meet co-workers coming from OC and LA
Thursday -- all day meeting, then drive co-workers back to airport, then meet friend for Dinner
Friday -- meet another friend for lunch, get on plane to Las Vegas, fly to LV, drive to dad's house in Bullhead City, AZ (2 hrs south of LV)
Saturday -- help stepmom and dad (if I am awake)
Sunday -- drive back to LV, fly to LA
Monday -- work all day in LA, fly home to SJC

I've got the flights all arranged, now I've got to arrange the car rentals (three!). And I need to figure out where I'm sleeping on Sunday night. It will be amazing if I don't manage to screw this up.

I just thought of something -- I should just drive from Bullhead City to LA -- that will be quicker than driving 2 hours back to LV and then flying an hour to LA. With airport hassles and car return/rental hassles, the four hour drive is much smarter.

Okay -- tomorrow I will cancel one flight. I guess it helps to say it all out. GAH.

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