Tuesday, September 04, 2012

CIM Week 3

Lets see if I can get this done quickly -- not much to report.  I had a terribly sleeping week last week and it showed.  I did all the runs and made all the times but it was NOT easy.  A very uninteresting presentation:

                  Planned:                           Actual:

8/28 Tues 15 to 20 minute Warm-Up + Fartlek Workout: 6 to 8 times 2 minutes at 5k to 8k (8.09 to 8.27) effort with 1 minute recovery jog (10.55) + 15 to 20 minute Cool-down 19 min warm up --  8:22/8:28/7:58/8:09/8:05/8:14/7:41(??)/8:05 then 16.5 min cool down.  Was very tired at end -- but then realize I'd forgotten to take inhaler when I couldn't speak to Alana when I got home.  Good run all in all -- foot sore but not intolerable (not sore when I got up).   6.15 miles/ 58.33/ 9.31
8/29 Wed 35 to 50 minute Easy Run 9:40 to 10:10 5 miles in 50 minutes.  Woke at 3am and never got back to sleep -- felt terrible when I left but felt much better when I got home.  Avg HR was 150 (whoo hooo).   5.01 miles/ 49.30/ 9:53
8/30 Thu 45 to 60 minute Easy Run  9:40 to 10:10    
8/31 Fri OFF First run in Brooks Pure Flow -- legs felt very heavy -- 10:11 pace -- and worked very hard for that pace.   6.23 miles/ 63:33/10:11
9/1 Sat Long, Steady Run: 90 to 105 minutes 9:40 to 10:40 We kept the pace fairly steady -- didn't stop at all -- good confidence booster.  Feet were okay -- Flows are okay, just okay. 12 miles/1:56:14 (116mins)/ 9:41
9/2 Sun 30 to 45 minute Recovery Run 10:40 to 11:10

Was tired -- had trouble keeping HR down 4 miles/ 40:45/ 10:08
Not too much else to report -- you can see the general theme was tired.  Oh so tired.

Other than that -- I've managed to purchase and try out some Brooks Pure Flows.  I've run 3 times in them (including today) and still not sure.  They feel like bricks though they aren't that much heavier than the Free Run's I've been in. But there is so much shoe.  However, my silly right foot does like the cushion.  But it didn't feel all that much better at the end of the 12 miler than my feet usually do at the end of a half in Frees.

So who knows -- will keep at them for a bit since they definitely help with the right foot and the pain that never goes away.

Happy Running!


Terzah said...

I've been wearing the Pure Flows, too, and so far they're doing well for me. Hopefully you'll get used to them.

I hope your sleep improves this week--it so sucks when those periods hit.

Jill said...

Oh sleep, how much you frustrate me!! Why o why can't we just turn off the switch at night and we just sleep...so frustrating. I didn't sleep AT ALL on Sunday night and I had a race on Monday morning. Needless to say, it was horrible :(. I hope sleep improves for you this week and your runs are smoother. You're getting them done, though .... a lot more than I'm doing! Be strong!

XLMIC said...

I'm super curious about how you are integrating heart rate training into this. And where you are getting your target heart rates. Do tell!

I am so excited for you. You are REALLY running again :)

Paul said...

Hi Tricia,

How are you? No postings on your blog. (Not much on mine either!) Is the CIM training going still?


Nelly said...

Yea, we do run the same trails lol. Eventually we need to have a group run, maybe with Paul too.

My run fitness has been awesome recently, but I need to work more on cross training to hopefully make the left knee clicking go away. I don't want to permanently affect my knees if I run through the clicking. I just started hearing the knee clicking maybe in early October, so I think it's just because I was bad about cross training.

Hope CIM training is going well!