Thursday, December 14, 2006

Black Cloud

The holiday season is knocking me on my ass. As per usual, I don't have anything done. Only this year, I even lack the ability to get things done. Even very very good news (more on that below) can't seem to shake this black cloud I'm under. Everyone said it is tough during the holidays. I guess everyone was right.

Good news. I have a job. A real job. Effective Feb 1st I will be an employee again! I've not been an employee since daughter was born in 1996. Wow! 10 years of working for myself. But alas, it is the time for a tad bit of security, an easier schedule (yes) and benefits. Benefits!!!!!

The job is for a company that I've been doing work for on a contract basis for the last 6 years. They are in LA and I wasn't going to move so originally it didn't look like we could work something out. But after a bad experience they had trying to hire someone to replace me and a bad experience with being promised a job by another client and then having it fall through, we were able to make nice and figure something out. So, one day a week I will commute to Los Angeles and then the rest of the time I will work from home (like I've always been). Probably once a month I'll have to do an over night. A bit crazy but I think we can make it work. I'm going to make sure of that.

The best part is that I don't have to actually interview and I don't have to learn a new company right now. And that is a huge relief.

But why won't it make the black cloud go away?

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LA said...


I am delighted to hear from you! I uploaded a new browser and lost all my bookmarks. Gah.

I guess you've been following my year in Hell. I didn't think I'd ever heal up or even want to, seemed pretty pointless to go through the bother since it would just end up the same way. But I think I'm going to be okay on my own. You will too. Promise.

Congrats on the job! Regular money plus benefits! Excellent.

Please don't be shy about commenting, to me it's just long fun conversation and it's wicked cool that I get to talk to my friends in a way that's convenient for everybody. ~LA