Saturday, July 23, 2005


Done. Finished. Completed. Harry Potter -- Book 6. I feel so behind becasue I didn't get my copy until Monday and then really didn't have time to read it during the week but you can see I managed (thanks to some sleepless nights, grrrrr).

Okay, it has still been a whirlwind around here. I left off mentioning my grandma died. That entailed a roadtrip to LA for last weekend. Now that my brother is here, we decided to caravan down there. Ah, but before we could leave they decided to check out one more house to rent -- even though they had already found one two days earlier and put a deposit down. This one is closer to me, nicer house, cheaper so they went with it. But, it got us started on the road a bit late so we hit LA at 5:00 pm on a Friday.

We were supposed to go to my grandma's house first, to change and clean up but since we were making no progress getting through LA my dad told us to go straight to the cemetary so the 7 of us show up to the viewing looking road ragged, sweaty and generally a mess. But we made it with an hour to spare. It was a bit tough but I said my good-bye with my kids. We all decided grandma looked so much better than she had two weeks earlier. I suppose it is rather sad when you look better dead but she looked so miserable and sunken in when we had seen her before that she now looked peacefully asleep.

The funeral was Saturday at her church and was very nice. She was quite an active woman and very involved in her church and community. Her one daughter gave a moving tribute and there was lots of singing. We went back to the cemetary for the grave side service (really a few words) and my kids actually had fun being a part of a funeral procession -- but lets face it, what's not to like about getting to run red lights with a cop telling you to. Of course my son was competitive even in this and when we were towards the end of the line, he was all about us trying to improve our spot (of course for him being at the front was better!). Grandma is burried right next to grandpa and we all peaked into the hole and said hi to grandpa (their spots will touch). They are in a beautiful spot and together so I guess that is all anyone can ask for.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting a trailer for stuff I was taking back up here, having a great family time at my aunts Saturday evening and then driving back up to San Jose on Sunday where we proved that it IS possible to hit ever rest stop and bathroom along Hwy 5. I'm hear to say that 3 adults and 4 kids on different potty schedules makes for a LONG trip.

The rest of this past week has been fairly unevenful but busy. I'll go into more and post pictures of the princess birthday party later. I'm still in catch up mode (and not being very sucessful).

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heather said...

After all of that - it sounds like a good thing to have an uneventful week. But when you were stating that your grandmother and grandfathers "spots" would touch - I just thought that was the sweetest thing. Side by side eternally. I am a sap!

Glad you made it through the tour of bathrooms though.