Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Eugene -- Full or Half?  (really quick)

So I've just committed to going to Eugene next April.  I was initially just thinking I should/would run the half and mostly because I had myself convinced I wouldn't run another marathon so soon after CIM and that I'd probably just run that again next year.  I want to work on stamina and speed and things like that.

But....I got to thinking.  Traveling for a half seems silly since there are about a million right around me.  And the girls I'm going with are running the full so I might feel left out (heh) (of course they might appreciate the built in cheering section).  I was planning on keeping my miles high(ish) (for me anyway) over the course of the next few months (working on that ever elusive speedy for me half) and I wouldn't have to start really long runs until late Feb/early March so I'd still get a bit of a break in having my Saturdays consumed by 20 milers. I also seem to have recovered nicely from CIM -- last week I ran 3 miles on Friday and 4 on Saturday -- all very easy miles and other than a little stiffness on Friday, I was fine.  Then I ran 4 miles again this morning and was totally fine and felt wonderful.

So what to do, what to do?


XLMIC said...

The more important question is...are you coming to do Jingle Bell Hell this Saturday?

I say do the Eugene half. Save yourself for next December.

Terzah said...

I'm not going to be any help, except to say we just want you to come!

Nelly said...

It seems like you can probably handle another marathon then, I'd vote for the full as long as you think you can get in the training when the mileage kicks up later on.

I went to Eugene a month ago – the city really is phenomenal for running. The best running trails and best running culture I’ve ever been around anywhere in the US. And the running talent there is 2nd to none. I did a 10K race there, in terms of the marathon route it went from mile 16 to 18, and mile 24-26. And just in looking at the marathon course map, you will go by basically every good running spot in Eugene. The course looks amazing. Though at times the course is pretty narrow, though in the early miles on the Eugene city streets that may help reduce congestion for later on when the trail narrows when it is on the Willamette River. My guess is I’ll never be able to do Eugene marathon due to tax season going until 4/15, but you never know.


Raina said...

Ah! Tough decision!! I know you will pick right, though I would suggest the full :)

Either way, I am excited to see you there!

Jill said...

Ditto what Raina said. Except the seeing you there part :(.

Raina said...

Hey there!! Did you make a decision? How are you doing???

Nelly said...

Oh man, bummer that I didn't know that you were doing the 408K! Totally would have met up if I had known. I had some people I knew doing it, we were hanging out after at the end of Santana Row sort of by the porto potties and the UPS trucks.

Yea, I'm definitely in for this race every year now, a great flat and fast course, and just the right amount of runners. I wouldn't say that I'm totally pain free right now, but my body seems to be doing okay - I likely won't run for a while again now, but maybe I will be okay to run occasionally at times, I guess I'll see after 4/15 how everything looks.

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